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Taxi Travel

Taxis are plentiful, especially outside of bus stations and in touristy neighborhoods. The taxi service Uber is just catching on, and some people prefer to use the app SaferTaxi to ensure that there is a record of their journey. Be prepared with small bills in taxis, as some drivers may not have change. It is customary to round to the closest 500 or 1,000 pesos, but tipping is not customary.

Taxi Companies

Alborada. Badajoz 12, Las Condes, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7560908. 2/2246–4900;

Andes Pacífico. José Pedro Alessandri 30, Macul, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7810000. 2/2912–6000;

Apoquindo. Bilbao 7202, Las Condes, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7550000. 2/2210–6200;

Italia. Coquimbo 1469, Santiago Centro, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 8320000. 2/2591–8900;

Neverías. Apoquindo 4830, Office 22/23, Las Condes, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7550000. 2/2207–0003;


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