The Corridor

Highway 1 dips into arroyos (riverbeds) and climbs onto a floodplain studded with boulders and cacti between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. This stretch of desert terrain, known as the Corridor, has long been the haunt of the rich and famous. In the 1950s a few fishing lodges and remote resorts with private airstrips attracted adventurers and celebrities. Today the region has gated communities, resorts, posh hotels, and championship golf courses.


Playa Palmilla

Check out the impressive multimillion-dollar villas on the road to Playa Palmilla, the best swimming beach near San José. Turn…

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Playa Buenos Aires

This wide, lengthy, and accessible stretch of beach is one of the longest along the Cabo Corridor. Reef breaks for…

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Playa Las Viudas

Just west of Santa María Bay, this small public beach is often referred to as Twin Dolphin Beach after the…

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